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MMI Sells Solutions.

Since 1981

Since 1981, MMI’s highly skilled and responsive technicians have brought state-of-the-art knowledge and support to every injection molded plastic part we produce. Customers have come to rely on MMI’s expertise and capabilities that other injection molding companies cannot provide. Modern Molding not only produces the parts, but also manufactures their own molds in-house. MMI is a complete state of the art “one-stop shop,” a factor that saves customers both time and money.

MMI Serves a Diverse Market

Electronics, telecommunications, construction/agricultural equipment, off-road vehicle, window/door manufacturing, commercial cleaning, gas detection, as well as many other OEMs. With custom-molded and tooled parts that use engineered-grade resins, Modern Molding is far more than a “shoot and ship” injection molding company.

Section: The MMI Advantage

The MMI Advantage

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Modern Molding is focused on DFM and provides this as a free service to MMI’s customers. MMI works with customers from the outset to determine the optimal design, specifications, and project structure for any given application. MMI’s Engineers engage in market research and training to keep their skill sets on the cutting edge to best meet customer needs. MMI works with our customers to help engineer the highest quality parts with a commitment to customer satisfaction and complete solutions. The result:

Speed and Efficiency

MMI quickly and closely manages every project detail from quote to PPAP approval, getting you to production. 

Quality Tooling

MMI’s in-house tool shop optimizes design, quality, and control of tooling from prototype to production tooling. 

Mitigate Risk

With one of the lowest PPM rates in the industry, MMI customers can expect the highest quality parts.

On-time Delivery

MMI boasts an excellent on-time delivery rating that results from quality controls throughout MMI’s production processes.

Promises Kept

MMI says what we will do and does what they say. No excuses. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

Order Flow

MMI offers inventory solutions utilizing state of the art software to track forecasts and maintain short lead times.

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Latest News

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Modern Molding, Inc. (MMI) of Delano, Minnesota, provides custom-made thermoplastic injection molded parts to the worldwide market with complete solutions for engineers, project managers, and purchasing agents. Modern Molding helps manufacturers and engineers find the right solutions for any injection molding or tooling need.